Thursday, 24 July 2014

Crows stick together. In spite of the fact that they settle freely,

Crows stick together. In spite of the fact that they settle freely, they accumulate around evening time and talk the day over. on a midsummer night they're adept to meet in Micheltorena Park and seize the spot for themselves, filling tree after tree with squabbling dark semi reptilian scheming individualists. Cliqueish gatherings sever and head to different trees, and in the end a greater amount of the swarm moves to the elegant new tree. This appalls the trailblazers, who move to still fresher perches or player away newcomers. Plumes fly and outsider people are at times pecked to death. Winged creatures with the least group status must rest in the lowest part extensions of the tree, and a great deal of the time they wake up white in the morning.

Yet it is most likely as people that crows make their most noteworthy impact on us. Loren Eisely caught the quintessence of one crow in The Immense Journey:

"The entire farmland was covered in one of the thickest hazes in years. The roof was completely zero. All planes were grounded, and even a person on foot could scarcely see his own particular outstretched hand.

"I was grabbing over a field in the general course of the railroad station, after a climly delineated way. All of a sudden, out of "the haze, at about the level of my eyes, along these lines nearly I recoiled, there flashed a couple of huge dark wings and an immense bill. The entire feathered creature hurried over my head with a distraught cawing clamor of such repulsive fear as I have.never heard in a crow's voice in the recent past, and never hope to hear again.

"Simply being lost in a mist appeared to be barely to record for the extraordinary clumsy holler -particularly in an extreme, wise old scoundrel, for example, I realized that specific crow to be. I even looked in a mirror to see what it may be.about me that had so revolted him that he had yelled out in such challenge.

"At long last, as I worked my path toward home along the way, the result came to me. The fringes of our planets had moved. It was the haze that had done it. That crow, and I knew him well, never under any circumstances flew low close men. He had been lost, good, yet it was more than that. He had thought he was high up, and.when he experienced me approaching monstrously through the mist, he had perceived.a appalling and, to the crow mind, unnatural sight. He had seen a man reveling in the sunlight of good fortune, tainting the very heart of the crow kingdom, a harbinger of the most significant fiendishness a crow brain could imagine: air-strolling men.

"He caws now when he sees me leaving for the station in the morning, and I favor that in that note I get the vulnerability of a psyche that now realize that things are not generally what they appear. He has seen a wonder in his statures of air and is no more as different crows."

They're an outsider race, crows. As unique in relation to us as dolphins may be, in their own particular way. On the off chance that they appear to be more recognizable, it is simply because their insights has developed in coupled with our own, in the same way that that of pooches and rats has. The crow is so keen and versatile that it will keep on fitting into the universe of man, in spite of our protests. They have their arrangement, and endure man in it. While different winged creatures waver notwithstanding our developments and plunders, crows flourish. They're vagrants, meandering where they will and concentrating where the living is simple.

Their cerebrum is not the equivalent of our own, yet it is parallel. It is a quick natural workstation with it exceptional knowledge, it feeling of time and space. What's more the most perturbing thing about contemplating Crow is that you discover a frosty, computing look examining you back.

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Saddle shoe

Celebrate the last day of classes in old school style by sporting these smart Oxford flats by Pinup Couture! Created by founder Laura Byrnes, Pinup Couture proudly puts vintage-loving ladies in flavorful, flattering, and affordable pieces to flaunt their taste the old-fashioned way. 

Take these timeless black and white flats, which feature a perfectly perforated trim, bright white laces to match their rounded toe, and a slim sole that culminates in a low heel. They are a refreshing reminder of your earlier years, except now you’re skipping the plaid and standing out in raspberry skinny jeans, a light lemon top, and a grey blazer with a silk scarf in its pocket. Just a few patient hours until you're free, then you’ll be the fresh fashion prodigy of the summer!

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Saddle shoe

The saddle shoe is a low-heeled casual Oxford shoe, characterized by a plain toe and distinctive, saddle-shaped decorative panel placed mid foot. Saddle shoes are typically constructed of leather and are most frequently white with a black saddle, although any color combination is possible.

Saddle shoes are worn by both men and women in a variety of styles ranging from ultra high platforms to golf cleats.

Thursday, 18 August 2011


These herbaceous perennial plants are chiefly natives of the mountainous parts of the northern hemisphere, growing in moisture retentive but well draining soils on mountain meadows. Their dark green leaves lack stipules. They are palmate or deeply palmately lobed with 5–7 segments. Each segment again is 3-lobed with coarse sharp teeth. The leaves have a spiral or alternate arrangement. The lower leaves have long petioles.
The tall, erect stem is crowned by racemes of large blue, purple, white, yellow or pink zygomorphic flowers with numerous stamens. They are distinguishable by having one of the five petaloid sepals (the posterior one), called the galea, in the form of a cylindrical helmet; hence the English name monkshood. There are 2–10 petals, in the form of nectaries. The two upper petals are large. They are placed under the hood of the calyx and are supported on long stalks. They have a hollow spur at their apex, containing the nectar. The other petals are small and scale like or non forming. The 3–5 carpels are partially fused at the base.

The fruit is a follicle, a follicle being a dry, unilocular, many-seeded fruit formed from one carpel, and dehiscing by the ventral suture in order to release seeds.